The X-1 team uses a system help desk system to create and track all the support requests we get from our customers. While that system does a lot of things, from your view it is pretty simple and, in this article, we are going to show you how to use it. You can click the Support Center button below to take you to the Support Center.

Now that you have opened your Support Center, in most cases a Support Center user already exists for you and you are automatically signed in. If you're not automatically signed in, just use the link below that says, "Sign Up" (See Image Below)

Once you are in the Support Center you can see your existing Support Requests and raise new ones, view articles in the X-1FBO Help Center to look for answers and learn more about X-1FBO or you can visit the X-1FBO Community page to interact with other X-1FBO customers and aviation professionals.

In this article we will cover how to raise a new request. If you're looking for other functions of the portal, search "Support Center" for more articles.

From within the Support Center you have several Support Request Types you can choose from to create a ticket. Here we will briefly cover each one and how to use them. Below is an image after you are logged into the portal. You will see that box below the Frequently Asked Questions is there you click to raise a new request.

Here you will see all of the types of Support Requests. 

Support Request Types

Password Reset - Can't Log in or Need to regain access to X-1FBO? Here is where we help you with any kind of user issue.

Payment Issues or Errors - Payment not going through or an issue accepting a payment type. Just want to accept a new payment type? Let us know here. Also be sure to check the X-1FBO Help Center for more information on Payment Errors. Just search the card name and payment error for more articles on error codes and payment issues.

Report a System Issue - Having trouble with a feature of something this is not working as expected. Check the X-1FBO Help Center to see if there are any articles that pertain to your issue. The more we know the faster we can help resolve a Service Ticket for you.

Request a New Feature or Enhancement - Have a cool idea for a new feature? This one is OUR FAVORITE!!! Our FBO's are always offering creative ideas on how to improve X-1FBO. We strongly encourage you to share what you're thinking, whether it is an entirely new feature or you have an idea on how to make something already in X-1FBO better, let us know!

Integration Help - Need help or support with FlightBridge, TCSHub or Flight Tracking? We are working with an ever-growing list of industry partners to expand the capabilities and functions of X-1FBO. Here is where you ask for help with those integrations. If you're having an issue with a booking from FlightBridge or a fuel ticket from the TCSHub, we can help get it to the right people to get it resolved.

Request a New Report - Reports, reports reports... We have two sections to help you out with reports. If you have a problem with an existing report or you'd like to add something to it, just us know in Help with an Existing Report. If you have an idea or are in need of a report that doesn't currently exist in X-1FBO, then let us know in Request a New Report. 

Accounting and Invoice Help - Do you need to correct an invoice or have an accounting issue? This is where we provide support for anything invoice related outside of the payment. Invoice calculation error or invoice error messages go here. We also handle all of the accounting integrations here as well, so if something didn't make it to QuickBooks or Business Central as expected, let us know. 

Pricing - Need help in setting up your fuel price this week or a discount didn't show up for a customer as expected? Here is where you let us know you need to investigate a price. We built a ton of flexibility into the pricing engine in X-1, we want to make it so the pricing is automatic and the front desk staff don't have to remember a million different prices. With so many options and so many possibilities we are always happy to help get it set up right so no one must go look up a price anymore.

Training Support - Not sure how to use a feature of need some training? This is for your X-1FBO admin, if you need training be sure to speak to your companies X-1FBO admin first. If you have a quick question, try our chat feature. Just click the message icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

X-1FBO has an extensive database of Aircraft Types and Airports but it seems like you guys always find one more that we didn't have. If you need to let us know about a new aircraft type use Add Aircraft, if you've just discovered a new airport then use Add Airport to let us know about them. We will usually do a little bit of research to verify the data and then have the new aircraft or airports added within a day or so. 

Then if there is anything we haven't covered or you just want to share something with us, you can use Other to let us know what you need.

That covers all of the option you must raise a new request and create a Service Ticket. Once you do, rest assured the Customer Support team will be there to help you out. 

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