Fuel Inventory has been rethought out to incorporate a higher accuracy in inventory levels. How do we do this you ask? By making sure that from now on ALL fuel operations update both inventory levels on the trucks and the lots.


-Solve Inventory Variance is now *Close period*

-Gaugings are now *Adjustments*

-Adjustments now impact accounting by creating GL movements. (This has no effect on those FBO's that do not use GL movements)

-Daily Closes will no longer update your system levels. Its main purpose now will be to keep records of the last physical levels found outside versus the system levels.

-We added a new panel called 'Last Physical Entered'

Three dashboard panels

System Inventory by Unit

Current balance by trucks/tanks according to all fuel operations entered in X-1

System Inventory by Lot

Current balance by LOTS according to all fuel operations entered in X-1

Last Physical Entered

Displays the last truck/tank balance according to the last daily close entered

New Summary page on Daily Close


  • Total Arrivals

  • Total Departures

  • Total Fuelings

  • Gallons Sold

  • System Totals

  • Physical Totals

  • Total Variance

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