Part 1

Start by going to FBO Settings

Select the sub-menu called 'Product and Service'

Then click the button titled '+ New Product/Service'

Follow the fields to enter the required information

Don't forget to save :)

Part 2

Taxes: in this section, you will determine if your product is taxable or not; if you would like the sales tax to be applied on Margin and/or be applied on Cost. You can also set up tax exemptions by selecting 'New Exemption Rule':

Pricing: in this section, you will set up the retail price for your product, enter the price number of decimals, and select if you would like your product price to be based on margin or retail. (Margin: allows to change margin and the system calculates new price automatically. Retail: allows to change retail and the system calculates margin automatically.)

Step 1. Click on the pen to begin setting up a price

Step 2. Click on '+ Add Price'

Accounting: This is where you would assign the corresponding GL account for accounting sync purposes. These GLs need to be previously entered under FBO Profile>GL Accounts.

Note: These GLs affect the product only. For Accounts receivable GLs, go to Accounting Settings> Accounting System

Inventory: This is where you will enter your starting inventory.

Request: This is where you get to choose if you would like the product to appear on the in the New Requests. Watch the video below to see how to set it up!

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