Are your fuel tickets reflecting the wrong date?

This happens when the date set on the meter register is incorrect.

Are your fuelings being rolled forward to the next day or back into the previous day?

This is affected by both the date and time set on your register. Having the correct time set is just as important as having the correct date set. For example; if you perform a fueling on 05/15/21 at 11:00 pm and your register is set for an hour ahead (12:00 am), that fueling will populate the incorrect date, just because of the time setting. Make sure that BOTH your date and time are input correctly :)

To avoid these issues, follow the steps below to reset the time & date:

  • Shift+Mode

  • System Menu

  • Regional Settings

  • Date & Time

  • Set Time *Enter in time in 24HR format, in the format HH.MM.SS with the decimals separating them.

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