How to get there

Begin by finding the FBO Settings menu

Select the sub-menu called Product and Service

Search the product you would like to set the pricing up for

*If the product has not been set up yet, click on the button below to learn how!

Click on the pen to edit the product

Scroll down and deploy the 'Pricing' section

How to set it up

  1. Select if you want your price to be based on 'Margin' or 'Retail'

    *Margin: basically, means 'profit' if you base your product on margin, you will be able to manually enter your margin (how much profit you want from the product) and make changes to it. Once your cost is entered the system calculates the retail price automatically.

    *Retail: You input the cost of the product and determine the retail price and the system calculates margin (how much money you'll receive in profit) automatically.

  2. Determine the price number of decimals

  3. Click the pen

  4. Follow the steps to set up the price based on margin

5. Follow the steps to set up the price based on retail

Don't forget to save :)

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