• SinglePoint: Top-off validation for quantity over tank's capacity was showing. When this setting is not checked off, validation is not applicable:

  • If an invoice belongs to an Accounting Locked period, the user must delete the locked date to make changes to the invoice. This also applies for 'Cancel & Rebill' on Direct Bill invoices.

  • Wrong Credit Card type saving on file

  • Bulk Invoice Print by Customer report not showing any invoice status to select from the 'Status' filter

  • Aircraft ICAO missing from linked aircraft under customer's profile.

  • ONLY For FBOs with Avfuel contract for Jet A > AvfuelPro transactions will now process as Contract (not retail). Customer invoice prints also reflect pricing On Contract.


  1. Applying discount to invoice line

  • NOTE: The discount by default is applied to OTD price, but if the option "before sales taxes" is selected, the discount is applied to the List Price.

EX: Default Discount -> (List Price + Sales Tax) - Discount

EX Before Sales Tax: -> (List Price - Discount) + Sales Tax

  • Quantity Waived: This field represents the QTY exempted from the initial QTY. (After specifying the quantity waived, a new line will be added to the invoice with that QTY and amount = 0)

  • Discount note: This field requires at least five characters to enable all Discount fields.

    2. SinglePoint:

  • Pending fueling list sorted by the date fuel request was entered (most recent will show on top)

  • Fuel quantity shows now when a specific quantity is entered and "Up to" is selected:

  • From the ADB screen, if "Future" is selected, only movements and fueling in the future should show

  • Spelling, capitalization, and other format issues improved

  • Display loading icon until the page loads completely (now for most pages within the app)

    Note: If the loading time takes longer than expected, the user will get the option to wait or leave the page :-)

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