• Request

    • Color blue for requests with actual arrivals that are not departed yet (AOG)

    • Quick quote: Now aircraft category populates after entering ICAO, along with price rules based on the category

      • And you can now add a new aircraft from this screen :-)

    • Know how much fuel was requested and completed by hovering over fuel icon on the request

    • Hotel, contacts, and adding customers

    • Improvements on Transportation screen

Invoice & Accounting

  • Offline payments and refunds are here! :-)

Fuel Management

  • Ability to assign the FBO as defuel lot owner

  • FBO Settings>FBO Profile>Inventory> New Consortium:

    • this setting allows to denominate a tank as Consortium

    • It is used to create a different type of Top Off operations

    • the operation created is a fuel load to the Truck based off the top off.

  • Ability to manually modify the Variance between fuel owners (when doing a fueling adjustment)

Daily Close summary new section: Inventory Valuation:

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