Begin by going to Accounting>Receivables>Recurring

Then, start a new invoice, click on the + Add Recurring Invoice (top right corner) to generate the recurring pop-out modal:

  • Description – Required field: Easily identifiable description for searching later (Typically we suggest a tail number, customer, and a summary of the recurring charge)

  • Start Date – Required field: Date that you would like the recurring invoice to start generating

  • End Date – Is not required, but can be used for the end date of the lease

  • Every* - Required field, scheduling when the recurring invoice should generate (i.e., 1st of the Month, 1st of January every year, etc.)

How to send recurring invoices by e-mail


· Automatic: No further action is needed at this time. Once the recurring invoice is generated it will automatically e-mail the customer

· Manual: When selecting manual, once the recurring invoice is generated it will automatically drop the e-mail template into the ‘Recurring Invoices to Send’ Queue (Accounting>Recurring>Recurring Invoices to Send Tab)

o From the Recurring Invoices to Send tab you can choose to send them each individually or all at once by clicking on the ‘Send’ button on the top right

· Never: No further action is needed at this time. X-1 will not send an e-mailed invoice to the customer.

Once you have the top portion of the recurring invoice template filled out, you can proceed with creating the invoice as normal. Enter the tail number/customer, line items with quantity and price.

How to set up AutoPay

Credit Card or Aviation Card: When you have a card on file to charge for monthly recurring invoices, inside of the recurring invoice you must select Payment Method, Automatic Payment & Select the card on file to charge under “Auto Pay”.

If all three of these items are complete, there is no further action needed, X-1FBO will automatically charge the card and the recurring invoice will be generated and charged. You will be able to view the invoice in the ‘Done’ tab under Accounting>Invoices

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